Seals, Manatees, Albino Crabs, Snakeheads, Pacus – Strange Sea Creatures visit Maryland’s Shores


In the early afternoon of July 12th a boat marina in Calvert County contacted Jennifer Dittmar, the stranding coordinator at the National Aquarium, Baltimore. Dittmar received several of the 's back and head from Hank Curtis and Terry Trefry, who were on the scene when the manatee was first spotted. Photo by Hank Curtis. Chessie the manatee – 1994 photoBasic timeline of Chessie from 1994:10/1/94 – animal collected from Queenstown and transported to the National Aquarium.10/4/94 – Press conference held to answer questions and inform public that animal was leaving on 10/5 for Florida10/5/94 – Animal transported to Sea World10/7/94 – Released at Cape Canaveral with satellite tag.

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