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“Bal-tee-more? Where’s that?”
— Tony Montana, SCARFACE

Baltimore archivists and researchers Tom Warner and Scott Huffines document their obsessive fascination with their beloved hometown on Baltimoreorless.com. Lifelong denizens of “The Land of Pleasant Living,” they feel obligated to preserve oddball minutiae about “Charm City” that they and few others care to remember.

Warner and Huffines are also the instigators behind the award-winning and highly unwatchable public access cable show Atomic TV, “A Media Maxi-Pad absorbing the continual flow of Pop Culture,” which in its heyday attracted tens of viewers on Baltimore City Cable.

Scott and Tom are both Simpsons wannabes:

ScottSimpsonsStyle    rsz_tomsimpsonsstyle

They are also both Parochial Educators in the Universal Life Church.


Contact Tom and Scott at info @ baltimoreorless . com.


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16 Responses to About Baltimoreorless.com

  1. Shortstaxx says:

    this is a fantastic website! thank you!

  2. Don Lehnhoff says:

    I like what you guys are doing here. Good perspective, frequently updated and nicely written. I’m an old Baltimorean (born and raised just over the city line in Parkville) who’s been exiled in Minnesota for the last 35 years. My website and blog are an attempt to reconnect to the City’s unique musical past in which I grew up.

    Thanks for the good work in the interest of a unique and charming city.


  3. Wow Don, there is so much great stuff at your baltimorejam.org site that we never would have thought you left town!

  4. Very interesting angle. Particularly love the creepy gaslight-era bodies-in-trunk story!

  5. Travis Kitchens says:


    I noticed you posted one of my videos from 1919 a while back. I just posted several more on my channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/BEWILDNOTEVIL?feature=mhum
    if you’re interested in checking them out.



  6. joooooools says:

    oh, ugh. sorry that i posted this in a nonsensical spot elsewhere on the site. you should probably delete it there and keep it here–or move it wherever you want!

    overdue, still:


  7. Kimgerly says:

    Took me awhile to find you. Wondered what happened to you after the Y2K-un-event. I do indeed continue to want to know about this ‘oddball minutiae’ you are perserving in [C]Harm City USA. Ja, I’m still like an electron bouncing around in a pi-orbital here in Oaksterdam, CA–but there ain’t no place like Balto. Send me a proper MD Crab Cake sometime, will you? Folks out here have NO IDEA what they’re missin’… 

  8. Thanks for finding us Kim, welcome aboard!

  9. Love this site, especially article entitled “Burlesque and the Girl on the Sign at the Gayety Theater,” which captures precisely the enduring charm and nostalgic kitsch of Baltimore’s once-stylish Block.

    I’m a writer of novels that feature nostalgic backdrops and creative but fallen characters who yearn for the limelight. “These Days,” my first novel, takes place in large part on the Block. To read an excerpt that will make you feel you’re there circa 1976, please visit my site.

  10. Kelly says:

    please ask permission before swiping other peoples photos. :(

  11. Angela says:

    First off, really cool website thanks for sharing and allowing us to share.
    What brought me here, looking for 1940′s footage from WMAR-TV. My grandma was in a National Airline TV commercial around 1947 to 1949 or maybe even 1950-51, but no later. She passed when I was 2 years old, I don’t remember her. It would be awesome to see her animated and to hear her voice.
    I would also love to surprise my mom with a DVD of the commercial.
    Thanks for any help, angela

  12. Angela says:

    You guys should link this site to FB, you would get a lot more traffic.

  13. Danny says:

    Hey hon(s),

    I moved here from Shittsburgh about a year ago and LOVE this crazy-ass town. I fit right in living in Hampden.

    Anyway, I moved here for a job at WMAR-TV (ABC2) which we love to fondly call “The Deuce.” I know we appear to be the “black sheep” in Baltimore news…but how can I get us listed in your news directory?

    Stay weird you crazy guys!

    - Danny

  14. Blue Mouse Studio-Thunderbean Animation says:

    RE: Chris Buchman (Dantini The Magnificent):

    Of especial interest to Baltimoreans, all who enjoyed The Bijou screenings on JHU campus in the 1970s or watched Chris’ CLASSICS 34 series on a midwest PBS station . . . CORNER THEATRE, THE PEABODY BOOKSHOP & BEERSTUBE  etc: 


    This new DVD was announced on the CARTOON RESEARCH website  by co-producer, Steve Stanchfield, which includes a link to its availability on Amazon.


    Additional images from the four hour programme can be viewed via this link:


    Incidentally, the guest appearance by Walter & Gracie Lantz is the longest they ever did for television.  The DVD was created as a gift for The Walter Lantz Archive, for reasons noted in the Prologue; and also to ‘preserve historical accuracy’ – the truth and significance behind that statement is revealed in the CLASSICS 34 essay.

    For more information, Screener for Media Reviewers, and images, please contact BLUE MOUSE STUDIO in Gobles, Michigan.

    • Blue Mouse Studio-Thunderbean Animation says:

      The DVD has also been announced on Baltimore Craigslist:

      Meanwhile . . . Here is a recent review that appeared on Amazon:

      Loving tribute to Woody and film history by greg sinn:

      “For those familiar with Baltimore in the 60s and 70s or northern Indiana in the early 80s, the name Chris Buchman will no doubt recall his elaborate presentations of classic feature films both from the silent and early sound era, fascinating lost short subjects, golden age animation, accompanying detailed film history and related ephemera. The piece de resistance of Chris Buchman’s nostalgic moving picture presentation legacy was Classics 34. This was a Saturday night staple on PBS affiliate WNIT (for northern Indiana and southern Michigan) showcasing all of the above, invitingly and knowledgably presented by Buchman in partnership with his longtime collaborator and accomplished artist Rex Schneider. I was fortunate to be associated with this boundlessly creative team as a producer of the series while a staff member at WNIT. For many in the region, the tradition on Saturday nights was to make some popcorn, fix your favorite beverage and settle in for an entertaining and informative evening with old friends: Chris and Classics 34. The series was famous for bringing to life the era of a respective evening’s feature presentation – replete with posters, lobby cards, production stills, glossies of the stars, period equipment and tons of background on the film and the shorts/cartoons imparted engagingly by Chris. Chris’s enthusiasm for film history was infectious and the series soon became a fan favorite and major fundraiser for the station.

      “Interviews with stars or period guests further enhanced the authenticity and aura of Classics 34. A highlight of which, being a very rare interview with the creator of Woody Woodpecker (among other famous cartoon characters), Walter Lantz and his wife Gracie. It was obvious that Walter and Gracie Lantz were most impressed with Chris’ knowledge and affection for their creations and willingly gave of their time and insights – providing undoubtedly the definitive interview of their careers. If you want to revisit those fond Saturday evenings with Chris and Classics 34 or learn first-hand the history of Woody Woodpecker directly from Walter and Gracie, you will thoroughly enjoy this fond stroll down a warm and entertaining memory lane.”

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