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1920s Hopkins Professor Sought 34 Gallons of Rye for Research During Prohibition

By James Stimpert (Johns Hopkins University Hub, 8/11/2016) A rather unusual permit application resides in the Records of the Office of the President in the Johns Hopkins University Archives. In April 1920, Professor John B. Watson, a psychologist credited as … Continue reading

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The Importance of Being “Gently Stewed” – Mencken, Governor Ritchie, and Prohibition

The Importance of Being “Gently Stewed”: Marion Elizabeth Rodgers on Mencken, Governor Ritchie, and Prohibition By Sara Witman, 3/14/2011 Research Librarian Gordon, Feinblatt, Rothman, Hoffberger & Hollander At the start of her lecture to a packed room at the Baltimore … Continue reading

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Rocket to Venus: The Great Baltimore Space Program of 1928

The prehistory of spaceflight is filled with mad scientists. Some of their work led directly to the development of space exploration…others had a much weirder destiny. Such was the case with Robert Condit, who built a rocket in 1928 that … Continue reading

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Bertha Idaho “Down On Pennsylvania Avenue”

“Bertha Idaho only recorded four songs in her professional career that started in 1919 as a traveling act singing and dancing along side her husband, John. Unfortunately she did not get into the recording studio until 1929 catching the tail … Continue reading

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