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In 1949, mysterious ‘flying saucers’ were found in a Maryland barn

(John Kelly, Washington Post, 11/18/2023) The Aug. 20, 1949, front page featured the aforementioned satanic scoop — headlined “Priest Frees Mt. Rainier Boy Reported Held in Devil’s Grip” — along with more mundane articles about the Pentagon budget, the FCC … Continue reading

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Chris Jensen, Rest in Peace

How do you describe Chris Jensen? He was a community organizer and community activist, art collector and artist, plumber and model, unofficial mayor of Charles Village, Atomic TV cameraman… he was a pro and an essential part of what made … Continue reading

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Baltimore: Come and Be Shocked

by Lisa Greenhouse Outside Looking In: Mary Rizzo looks at Baltimore beyond the charm and the harm What do outsiders imagine when they think of Baltimore?  Mary Rizzo’s absorbing new book, Come and Be Shocked: Baltimore Beyond John Waters and … Continue reading

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Everything Old is Agnew Again

by Lisa Greenhouse Spiro T. Agnew seems to be rattling around in the collective unconscious lately, like a repellent archetype we thought we had buried long ago but that is suddenly resurrected as relevant.  And in a sad commentary on … Continue reading

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