All Hail the Queen

DJ K-Swift Presides Over Club Music’s Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World
by Jaye Hunnie (City Paper, 7/16/2003)

Any night of the week you can find clubs and bars around the city packed with predominately young black men and women, their pants rapidly rubbing to the latest Baltimore club music hits. On Thursday night at Club Choices, the ladies pack the dimly lit space wearing their tightest and most revealing shirts and booty shorts, the sexy outfits of choice for Baltimore club women. The dance style is even sexier. Club is a homegrown sound whose songs mainly encourage women to bounce and shake asses and tits, and an unknowing clubgoer might think its female fans are nothing more than half-dressed superfreaks grinding on guys that usually just stand there. It’s a nightlife culture in which it’s difficult for a woman to be taken seriously, much less hold her own. But local DJ K-Swift proves that women can not only love the music without being scantily clad and humping on the dance floor, but can also spin it.

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