Feets Accompli

Baltimore Soccer is a Blast

Rossoneri Ronnie takes on the battlin’ Blues

I’m soccered-out after a sports weekend highlighted by all the soccer coverage of the “World Football Challenge” (a six-match round-robin tournament featuring four of the world’s elite teams spreading their club “brand name” – as increasingly pompous ESPN commentator Alexi Lalas phrased it – to American audiences) on ESPN. (Not to mention the Gold Cup final between Mexico and the USA’s B Team, but the less said about that 5-0 drubbing by our friends south of the border the better!) Chelsea’s Blues may have won the overall exhibition competition, but the real star of the event was Baltimore, where 71,200 fans packed M&T Stadium for the match between Chelsea FC of the English Premiere League and A.C. Milan of the Italian Serie A.

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