Shor Patrol – “Loverboy” EP

Shor Patrol – Loverboy ep (1983)

Baltimore band Shor Patrol, featuring Alana Shor on vocals was a huge local success and had some national attention with their song “Loverboy”. Morphing from Club favorites Paper Cup, they changed their name to Shor Patrol and released this 4 song ep in 1983 on Arista Records. Produced by Bob Ezrin (Kiss, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd’s The Wall).

The Band:
Alana Shor – Lead Vocals
Don Wimbrough – Keyboards
Franco Theodore – Guitar
Darryl Matarozza – Bass
John Loren Dotson – Drums

Oh, and from Tom Warner’s “Feets Accompli” post on Accelerated Decrepitude:

I still remember the Baltimore Bays theme song they used to play over the loudspeakers, “It’s a Gold & Red World.” It was sung by none other than future crappy-lounge-coverband chanteusse Alana Shor (of Tiffany, Shor Patrol – who flirted with national recognition in 1983 with their “Loverboy” single – and countless other forgettable ephemeral ensembles). I still have the 45 (featuring red text on a gold label, natch). I think the jingle was something along the lines of “It’s a gold, a gold and red world when the Baltimore Bays come on/A little pass here and little pass there and we score, baby we score!”

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