Hustler Club’s stripper-mobile gives Camden Yards fans an eyeful

Gyrations that would make Blaze Starr blush, right there on Pratt Street

By Laura Vozzella (Baltimore Sun, April 21, 2010)

Sorry to break it to you, Baltimore. But you may have seen the last of Larry Flynt’s stripper-mobile.

The converted U-Haul truck advertising Flynt’s Hustler Club is outfitted with a Plexiglas box, sort of like the Popemobile. But this vehicle is outfitted with a stripper’s pole and a bunch of itsy-bitsy-bikini-clad dancers doing – what else? – pole dancing. It was last seen rolling around Camden Yards as a game was letting out, treating fans to more action than the Orioles seem capable of providing.

Marc Felizzi of Wilmington, Del. was leaving the ballpark with his wife and two young sons when they came across burlesque on wheels.

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