Baltimore Rocks (…and Raps …and Scats)

Find out which musicians called Charm City home
by Claire Croft (Baltimore Sun, 1/27/2006)

Did you know Tori Amos received a citation from the Mayor of Baltimore for a song about the 1980 Orioles? Or, that before Tupac Shakur was “West Coast,” he was “East Coast” and a student at the Baltimore School of the Arts?

Baltimore has been home to a surprising number of musicians in a variety of genres. Some of Baltimore’s rockers are tied here by chance — their parents happened to live in Charm City during their childhood: Frank Zappa, Talking Heads’ David Byrne and The Cars’ Ric Ocasek. Some, like pianist Amos and avant-garde minimalist Philip Glass, studied at the world-class Peabody Conservatory in Mount Vernon. Others, like Shakur and Cab Calloway, just passed through on their way to celebrity status.

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