Guitar Wolf’s Interactive Maryland Geography Lesson

Rock Climbing: Guitar Wolf's Sermon on the Mount

During their encore at Baltimore’s Ottobar rock club on March 30, 2012, Guitar Wolf frontman Seiji had a weird interaction with the packed crowd – a Q & A that turned into an impromptu local geography lesson for the punk band from Nagasaki, Japan.

Watch Guitar Wolf’s Interactive Geography Lesson.

Guitar Wolf: “In here…state, name? I ask you, this is special. Here, which state: what called?”

Audience: “Maryland!”

Guitar Wolf: “Merry Land?”

Audience Redux: “Bodymore, Murderland!” “I Have no idea!” “Maryland, motherfucker!”

Guitar Wolf: “Where state…[that] you are living here?”

Audience: “[Inarticulate mumbo-jumbo response.]”

Hoye Crest on Backbone Mountain

Guitar Wolf: “Which mountain highest, highest mountain?”

Audience Smartass: “Mount Royal, The Tavern!”

Guitar Wolf: “I send this…I send to highest mountain…”

Um, whatever…”1-2-3-4!”

What was lost in translation became found in the primordial lock & loll rising up from Seiji’s hips and soaring high over Maryland’s tallest mountain. (For the record, Maryland’s highest peak would be the 3,370-foot Hoye Crest on Backbone Mountain in Garrett County.)

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