The Adaptive Reuse Of Little Taverns

The last Little Tavern closed in 2008, but the buildings reincarnate well.

Pictured: Golden House Chinese Food, 8100 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda MD 

More about the Little Tavern’s afterlife as nail places, donut shops and fried chicken carry-outs at

Bonus: A comprehensive list of just about every Little Tavern ever, at

Portrait of Little Tavern drawn by diner hunter Spencer Stewart, from a slide taken by diner photorealist John Baeder. Courtesy of

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  1. Hi, just to clear up, that drawing is one I did. Baeder took the slide the drawing was based on back in the ’70s and sent it to me to help with my research. If John had done the drawing, you can bet it would be better! 😉

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