Larry Kane Interviews John Lennon at The Baltimore Civic Center

Baltimore Civic Center, September 13, 1964

On this date, the Beatles arrived in Maryland for their performance at Baltimore’s Civic Center. John Lennon was interviewed by Larry Kane as part of an on-going series of interviews with the group. Kane was the only American reporter allowed to travel with the Beatles during their 1964 North American tour, and also accompanied them on their 1965 tour.

Larry Kane has authored the insightful books, “Lennon Revealed” (2005) and “Ticket To Ride” (2003) documenting his conversations with the group and also his first-hand accounts of behind-the-scenes events as they happened.

– Jay Spangler,

Q: “John, occasionally we see magazine articles, like last night, one that had your name as ‘Jack Lennon’ and all these irregularities. What do you think of this when you look at them?”
JOHN: “Well, I just think the people are stupid, you know, if they’re not gonna bother to take enough time to do a job and find out what our names are… and try and get the facts right, you know. They must be a bit soft.”

Q: “There are alot of people who have albums out with your music on it, like this ‘Chipmunk’ album, and the ‘Boston Pops.’ Do you find this a credit to you, or an abortion of your songs.”

JOHN: “No, we enjoy it! We always try to get a copy of these people that do our songs. The thing about the ‘Chipmunks’ and the ‘Boston…’ they do it so differently from us and from each other– it’s very interesting. And also we, Paul and I, get alot of money when they make these so it’s very good for us, you know.”

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The Beatles Invade Baltimore

All of the photos below are from The Beatles historic Baltimore visit.

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4 Responses to Larry Kane Interviews John Lennon at The Baltimore Civic Center

  1. It’s even better that one of our favorite Baltimore writers found us, Mr. Anft!

  2. I was in the audience at the Beatle’s matinee performance on Sept. 13, 1964 at the Baltimore Civic Center. What a dinosaur I am!

  3. Tom Warner says:

    @Joyce – yes, but a dinosaur with major bragging rights! Pam Purdy was at that show, too. Good ole Pam…miss her!

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