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Crack the Sky Cracks the Video Market (1982)

By Tom Basilan (Baltimore Sun, July 2, 1982) The hour was late. The auditorium lights in Painters Mill Star Theater were dimmed while the stage lights gleamed. The 1982 model Crack the Sky, fully equipped with a horn section and … Continue reading

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Crack the Sky Articles and Reviews

Here’s a bunch of assorted Crack the Sky articles, photos and videos from my collection and from the Crack the Sky Fans Facebook Group and the Crack the Sky Facebook Page. I wanted to post my faves in one easy-to-find … Continue reading

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Crack The Sky, “Skin Deep”, Painter’s Mill, 1980

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Crack the Sky: “When I Grow Up”

Crack the Sky: “When I Grow Up” When I grow up I’m gonna buy me a gun Sit on the porch and shoot someone Here are your children See what you have done When I grow up I’m gonna buy a … Continue reading

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