Baltimore Hipsters Get Fisher Price Pixelvision Treatment at 1999 “Pow Wow”


Atomic TV found “Slacker” inspiration when they picked up a Fisher Price PXL 2000 video camera to document the 1999 Intertribal Pow Wow at Ferry Bar Park in Baltimore, Maryland. Videographers Scott Huffines, Tom Warner and Carl Bennett encounter a sea of flotsam and jetsam, hipsters and discarded syringes… Special appearances by Geoff Danek, Amy Lettis, Sue Lowe and more, if you see yourself let us know!

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Baltimoron Brawl at Subway Sends Man Through Window


Jonathan Pugh, Subway Brawler


What Would Jared Do?

1 arrested, charged in Towson restaurant brawl — Video of fight posted on social mediaWBAL-TV

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1974 Johns Hopkins University Streakers “On this day in 1974, fifteen cheeky johnshopkinsuniversity students streaked through campus and the MSE Library.”


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