Baltimore Colts – “1958 World Champions” 45

National Brewing Company produced this 45 rpm record of “Recorded Highlights” from the December 28, 1958 NFL title game between the Baltimore Colts and New York Giants – “The Greatest Game Ever Played” that went to overtime in Yankee Stadium. Mr. Boh even makes an appearance on the record label:

Mr. Boh-jangles!

It featured the “National Bohemian Four Horsemen” announcing team of Chuck Thompson, Bailey Goss, Bob Wolff, and Joe Croghan.

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10 Responses to Baltimore Colts – “1958 World Champions” 45

  1. Tim Finnerty says:

    I have that record

  2. Rhonda Diggins says:

    We have 3 of those 45 rpm records

  3. dennis rohde says:

    I have one of these 45’s ,but i don”t have the orig. jacket. I would entertain offers . My season ticket was in section 32 u/d row 14 seat 15. i attended the 59 Championship and will never forget it.

  4. pat shirley says:

    I have one of these records in the original jacket. what is its value? Pat

  5. lisa says:

    my father has one. any idea the value

  6. BarbHearn says:

    What is the value of this recording?

  7. Rosemary wright says:

    I have the original record and folder

  8. Yolanda Drenner says:

    I also have the original record and folder, what is it’s value?

  9. Shari Simpson Smith says:

    My father played in that game for the Baltimore Colts,(#41 pictured on record sleeve),we have a couple of the records and to us they are priceless!

  10. Mae Biemeret says:

    I have one of these records and would like to sell it.

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