Baltimore City Paper’s 2010 “Baltimanual”

“The Land Of Pleasant Living”

City Paper’s 2010 Guide to All Things Baltimore

Baltimore is a place of many nicknames and civic slogans, many of which have stuck whether they fit the place or not. Its 19th-century violence earned it the handle “Mobtown.” More recently it was dubbed “Charm City,” which the Visitor’s Bureau probably prefers, and on a good day the place totally lives up to it. “The City That Reads” seems like overkill, even with the rising indie-lit scene, while “The Greatest City in America,” still etched on fading bus benches all over town, is just plain grandiose.

The one we like best came off a beer label (National Bohemian, aka Natty Boh), but it rings true: “The Land of Pleasant Living.” And in a way, that’s what this second annual guide to Baltimore from City Paper, its free alternative weekly, is all about: helping you enjoy the city like a native.

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