Schocking Dundalk

Gina Schock - You can take the girl out of Dundalk...

The Go-Go’s Gina Schock was Dundalk born and bred as evidenced by this “Evening Magazine” clip from the 1980s produced by Tom D’Antoni. Baltimore accents are aplenty with her parents and Edith Massey chiming in.

Gina Schock's parents June and John

The Go-Go’s Notebook: Gina Drumming Up Business

Flier for San Francisco show with Edith Massey - Nov. 12, 1978

“Then…in 1978, she was asked to play drums for Edith Massey’s punk band called Edie and the Eggs. The Egg’s did a short tour over America with performances in New York, San Francisco and West Los Angeles at the NuArt Theater. ” Continue reading “Gina Drumming Up Business” at The Go-Go’s Notebook.

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  1. I cannot believe that I have existed on this planet, for this long without knowing of the existence of this clip. THANK YOU!

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