Urban Atrophy: The Enchanted Forest

Urban Atrophy has an amazing photo gallery of the dilapidated Enchanted Forest on Route 40 in Ellicott City. Luckily many of the storybook items have been moved to and restored at Clark’s Elioak Farm.

“The Enchanted Forest was the first theme park built on the east coast and the second in the country. Disneyland was the first. The Enchanted Forest opened its doors to everyone in 1955.

The park closed in the 80s and the land was purchased by a developer which put a shopping center on the property. “Clark’s Elioak Farm” made a deal with the owner of the shopping center and has been transferring the attractions to the local farm where they are being restored and put on display. The remaining attractions are in very bad shape but the place is still very cool to see.”

View the Enchanted Forest gallery at Urban Atrophy.

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