Denise Whiting: “Hon trademark taken out of context”

by Denise Whiting (The Baltimore Sun, 12/17/2010)

“I have lived here all of my life. I am fully aware that I did not invent the word “hon,” but I did name my first restaurant in 1992 “It’s a Café, Hon,” which easily shortened to Café Hon. We organized and identified elements of “Hon culture” in Hampden, and others joined us to make “The Avenue” a popular commercial, artsy area.”

“All my company was trying to do by trademarking the commercial use of “Hon” was to protect it from merchandise knock-offs and poachers who wanted to capitalize on the commercial side of the concept enhancement work we had done. It was not meant to in any way take possession of the word or the culture from the public.”

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One Response to Denise Whiting: “Hon trademark taken out of context”

  1. Glenn Hodges says:

    This is another example of an individual taking advantage of this city for personal gain. Our football heritage is gone, our baseball team hijacked, we’ve been dissed by the NFL, our politicians are standing idly by while the Preakness disappears… and now this. It’s sad to say but if we allow this to happen, if this person and her business are allowed to stay open in Baltimore, then we deserve what we get.

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