‘Hontroversy’ Gets Weird as ‘Superheroes’ Protest Trademark

Three men dressed in what they called superhero costumes walked around outside Cafe Hon in bizarre spectacle
by Adam Bednar (NorthBaltimorePatch, 12/22/2010)

Photo by Adam Bednar

On Wednesday evening three self-proclaimed superheroes (read: three guys in ridiculous costumes) gathered outside Cafe Hon in Hampden to protest the restaurant owner’s trademark on the word “hon.”

Matt Fouse, 26, Mike Weaver, 28, and John Buckley, 31, gathered at the corner of Falls Road and 36th Street dressed as what they called “superheroes” to register their distaste for Denise Whiting’s legal ownership of the word.

“The people of Baltimore had their protest on Sunday now its time to see what superheroes can do,” Fouse said.

With Fouse dressed as a rat in a mask and cape (Rat Man?), Weaver as a lobster with a whip (Lobster Dominatrix Boy?) and Buckley wearing a giant insect costume wielding a plastic club (Super Pest?), it was hard to tell if they were honestly upset with the situation or just goofing off.

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3 Responses to ‘Hontroversy’ Gets Weird as ‘Superheroes’ Protest Trademark

  1. elmo blatch says:

    believe it or not, but at least one of them gets laid on a regular basis… with a real girl.. for reals!

  2. Mike says:

    Do you patrol and if so where I want to beat your asses

    • tikitails says:

      Your a dumb ass…quit threatening people trying to make a difference, you ignorant troll…I’d kick yours instead on their behalf!

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