Pigging Out: Baltimore Bar Hosts “Bacon Happy Hour”

by Monica Garske (Aol News, 12/14/2010)

Bacon. It’s everywhere: on our plates, in our drinks and constantly on our minds.

Now, the popular pork product is even showing up at a dive bar in Baltimore — at a tiny watering hole called Bad Decisions that’s quickly becoming the place to pig-out.

Every month, Bad Decisions — located in the lively Baltimore bar district of Fells Point — differentiates itself from the dozens of other bars in the area by hosting a smokin’ hot event called “Beer & Bacon Happy Hour.”

For one highly anticipated night each month, the bar turns into a full-blown bonanza, with bizarre -themed cocktails, a fancy -centric dinner menu and bottomless bowls of fresh-off-the-griddle .

It’s a pork pig-out for the books, enough to give anyone the meat sweats.

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Bad Decisions Commercial

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  1. I hope i can visit here sometime i learned about this place on tv.

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