What We Talk About When We Talk About HON™

by Benn Ray (The Mobtown Shank, 12/18/2010)

As Baltimore’s HON™troversy marches insistently into week #3, I’d like take a moment to point out a few things I’ve noticed about the fascinating conversation we, as a city/state/region, are having over private ownership of a public concept.

My comments here are motivated by a desire to make this discussion a productive one.

1. Get your facts straight. I’ve seen a number of factually inaccurate things said about the Cafe HON and its owner. When you continue to propagate inaccuracies, you continue to corrupt the conversation, and you make your perspective look like one based on ignorance. Sure what you’re saying might feel right, and it may be something that you have “heard,” but take a moment to read about what you’re talking about before repeating inaccurate gossip.

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