DC Star – 1980s Rock Videos and Commercials

DC Star's self-released 1982 5-song picture disc

DC Star one of the original bands of the Miller Beer Rock Network in the 1980s recorded a television commercial to promote their album, “Rock & Roll Whirl.”

Aordreamer.com’s DC Star Bio:

The Clinton, Maryland hard rock act formed in the early seventies, going under a variety of names including Spring Fever, Medusa, and Starz. The band became known as DC Star in late 1977. The best known line-up would consist of vocalist Ken Taylor, guitarist Dave Simmons, guitarist/keyboardist Jeff Avery, bassist Henry Farmer and drummer Glenn Jones.

DC Star would make the move to Baltimore in 1981 and would work local hot spots such as the Sandbar, Coast To Coast and the Seagull Inn. After major labels passed on the band’s demos it was decided that the group would self-finance a record. The band went into Media Sound Studios in New York City with producer Ed Dejoy and recorded the ‘DC Star’ picture disc EP. The record was released on the band’s own Escape Records in late 1982 and sold over 15,000 copies. DC Star continued to headline clubs on the east coast as well as opening in larger venues for several well known acts including, Blue Oyster Cult, Twisted Sister, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, the Ramones and two sold out shows in May of 1983 with Journey at the Capital Center in Landover.

In 1984 DC Star went back into the studio to record a full album. Five of the ten tracks would be recorded live at Sheffield Audio Video Productions in Baltimore, with friends and fans in attendance. ‘Livin’ In A Rock & Roll Whirl’ would be released, again on Escape Records, in the fall of 1984. The album soon got the attention of Atlantic Records and the band was signed to their subsidiary, Mirage Records. Mirage basically re-released ‘Livin’ In A Rock & Roll Whirl’ with one new song, “Rockin’ In The Classroom (Smokin’ In The Boys Room)”. The album, now titled ‘Rockin’ In The Classroom’, would hit stores in early 1985. Atlantic would finance a video for the track “I Wanna Rock Tonite” which got into heavy rotation on Nickelodeon’s “Nick Tunes” but for some unknown reason MTV didn’t make it part of their programming.

DC Star’s momentum was halted in 1985 when singer Kenny Taylor was injured in a car accident. He was temporarily replaced by ex-Teacher’s Pet vocalist Sean Crosby. Taylor returned briefly, but in March, 1986 he quit the band and was permanently replaced by John Frederick. Glenn Jones would leave the band in December and would be replaced by Baltimore drummer Miles Evans. After bassist Henry Farmer left in March, 1987 the band called it quits.

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  1. Jim Mothershead says:

    Why no mention when Jim Mothershead put STARZ in front of 15,000 rockers at out door fairgrounds many times ? Jim was STARZ management in the mid seventies.

  2. Karen Conine says:

    Hey David it karen how are u doing…

  3. Karen Conine says:

    602796.8841 I’ve been dreaming of you

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey call me if by chance ur single

  5. Dave sanders says:

    At JR,s inn and Hammerjacks oh those.were the days

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