Harbor Debris in 1902: Cats, Dogs, Rats, Corned Beef, Livers and more

Gave Up Its Dead

(Baltimore Morning Herald , 7/4/1902)

On account of the cool weather that prevailed throughout June the harbor scavengers’ haul of dead cats, dogs and other debris was much smaller last month than ordinarily.

The scavengers began work at the end of May, and during June they usually capture many tons of deceased animals. But June, 1902, brought forth nothing more startling than the following:

150 cats, 126 dogs, 545 rats, 283 chunks of meat, 82 fowls, 201 fish, 84 livers, 11 hams, 100 pounds of corned beef, 1 side of veal, 4 rabbits, 37 turtles, 73 crabs, 45 pile heads, 18 railroad ties, 5 logs, 41 boat-loads of garbage and 1 leg of mutton.

During the month 21,035 cubic yards of mud were dredged from Spring Gardens and 35,317 from the back basin.

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