Ray Lewis – “A Tingle in the Brain”

“I need you right now to hurry up and pick up your phone. Man, this is Ray Lewis calling you. Why won’t you pick up your phone?” –Ray Lewis ringtone

Ray Lewis’ inspirational “Tingle in the Brain” from Chosen One Productions LLC.

“It’s me… your man Ray Lewis… pick up the phone.. c’mon…” –Ray Lewis ringtone

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Ray Lewis training for second career as businessman
By Gus G. Sentementes, (The Baltimore Sun, 10/1/2010)

“… His song lyrics can be personal and introspective, such as “A Tingle in the Brain,” in which he contemplates good and evil, and implores God to guide him.

“Lord, all I ask for is, between me and you, can we spend a little time?” Lewis sings. “I’ve neglected you for so long, but now I’ve finally found my way back home.”

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