“Unpainted” Huffines Homeless Outreach

"Would you accept a donation from a man named 'Unpainted' Huffines?"

For one single day, Scott “Unpainted” Huffines left the safety of Essex, Maryland to offer his assistance to those less fortunate surviving on the streets of the nation’s capital. The “Unpainted Huffines Homeless Outreach” took place on  October 10th, 2010 before he attended Roger Waters’ historic performance of “The Wall.” This special date (10/10/10) also commemorates the day that Huffines swore off Burger King forever, as he was sickened in his attempt to survive for a whole day on fast food dollar menu items. Ninety-nine cent cheeseburgers and other cheap eats chased with alcohol left him and his companions in severe gastronomic distress — constantly reminding them  of the plight of the homeless denizens of the streets.

"This will get you back on your feet!"

"A loving cup."

"Thumbs up for for good deeds!"

"Tonight we dine."

"Wouldn't you give your hand to a friend?"

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