Heavy Metal Parking Lot: The Interview

By Cale (Brightest Young Things, 2/3/2011)

Cale: So give us a brief back story to Heavy Metal Parking Lot? Who are you guys?

Jeff Krulik: We’re Jeff Krulik and John Heyn, long term local residents who were fortunate enough to be toting around a video camera in a Judas Priest concert parking lot in 1986. I ran a public access studio in Southern Prince George’s County, not long after graduating from the University of Maryland. John and I were new friends and aspiring documentary filmmakers stoked to have unlimited access to professional TV gear. John had the original idea to tape metal fans, and after I saw the footage I came up with the title. We paid a few dollars to park at the Capital Centre, and taped an hour’s worth of footage. Then we left. Who’d imagine we’d still be talking about our short documentary 25 years later!

C: No shit! What do you think it is about HMPL that has led to its longevity?

JK: It’s always managed to strike a chord with people, over these many years. I’ve always said that you were either at that concert, or sat next to someone in homeroom who was at that concert. There’s something archetypal and I’m very glad for that. Another reason for the longevity is that Judas Priest’ music holds up, and artists that are mentioned include Madonna and Metallica, both still vital today.

C: Do you think it would have still caught on if it has been unearthed for the first time this year?

JK: If it were discovered today I don’t know about it having the same type of grass roots build up. We live in such a viral instantaneous universe now, things tend to flame out quickly from overexposure.

C: Was everyone in 1986 ugly, or was it just Judas Priest fans? Or was it just Maryland?

JK: Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. No one is ugly in my opinion. These people on camera are all like family to me.

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