Carnival Scene at Monument and Haven Street, 1948

Thrill to the sights of Frieda Pushnik, Living Armless and Legless Girl; Bohemian Glass-Blowers; Mo-Lay, Master of Manipulation; Johann Petersson, Tallest Man on Earth from Finland; Long-Haired Beauty Hannah Kelter; Skeets Hubbard, The Human Pin Cushion; and Puppeteer Sid Krofft. Click to enlarge.

The opening number for Sid Krofft’s one-man touring puppet show, “The Unusual Artistry of Sid Krofft,” in 1948.

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3 Responses to Carnival Scene at Monument and Haven Street, 1948

  1. johnny dollar says:

    ok, that has to be the same sid krofft behind the 70’s kid shows? wild!

  2. It is the same guy. Isn’t that crazy? My eyes are sore from zooming in so much – I can’t read what the rest of his banner says but those are definitely the 4 lady dancer dolls on the banner.

    • Gina says:

      Hey Scott, good eyes on that one. I still have your pics of the Hollywood house tour from 1997. And how the hell are ya hon?

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