Charm City: 2nd Angriest City in America!

Men’s Health Mag Survey offers Gauge to the Rage

P.O'ed O's bird

According to a survey published in the March 2011 issue of Men’s Health Magazine, Baltimore ranked 2nd – behind Detroit – on their list of the 100 Angriest Places in America. The rage gauge was calculated by “the number of aggravated assaults per capita (FBI), the number of people with high blood pressure (CDC), the amount of time spent in traffic during rush hour (Texas Transportation Institute), and the number of anger-management specialists per capita (American Psychological Association),” the magazine says in its article “The Angriest Cities,” subheaded “We rank 100 American cities to find where people are most pissed off.”

Researcher Rachel Grice writes, “We’ve discovered that if you want to really piss off an entire city, all you have to do is rank it last among 100 cities and then print the results in a national magazine. Happens every month. But what we don’t know is how angry a city might become if we actually name it the “Angriest Town in America.” Well, Detroit, go ahead and let us have it: You are officially the most spitting-mad metropolis.”

Civic pride demands that Baltimoreans respond: We may be No. 2 – but we try harder!

Pissed Off
The top 10 angriest cities in America:

100 Detroit, MI
99 Baltimore, MD
98 St. Petersburg, FL
97 Las Vegas, NV
96 Newark, NJ
95 Charleston, WV
94 Dallas, TX
93 Houston, TX
92 Philadelphia, PA
91 Miami, FL

The 10 least angry cities in America:

10 Anchorage, AK
9 Reno, NV
8 Wichita, KS
7 Cheyenne, WY
6 Salt Lake City, UT
5 Madison, WI
4 Colorado Springs, CO
3 Fargo, ND
2 Lincoln, NE
1 Burlington, VT

For the complete list of the 100 most P.O.ed cities, see “Angriest Cities in America” at

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