Mount Royal Tavern Installs ‘Cuss Bucket’

If you’re planning to swear at the Mount Royal Tavern be prepared to pay 25 cents a word

By Frederick N. Rasmussen (The Baltimore Sun, 5/16/2011)

Better watch what you say if you’re planning a night of boozy revelry at the venerable Mount Royal Tavern, which recently installed a “Cuss Bucket” for those getting a little too loud and creative with their profanity.

“It’s a bar, and I don’t mind a ‘hell’ or a ‘damn’ — they’re allowed to use them — but when people start yelling the other profanities, that’s it,” said Ron Carback, who has owned the bar in the 1200 block of W. Mount Royal Ave. with his partner, Chris Kozak, since 1985.

Mount Royal Tavern owners Chris Kozak, left, and Ron Carback instituted a "cuss bucket" months ago. Patrons must deposit 25 cents whenever they swear, bartenders must deposit a dollar. (Jed Kirschbaum, Baltimore Sun)

Not that the two men are prudes, killjoys or trying to replicate the sanctity of the Baltimore Country Club. But they did think something had to be done in the name of civility in confronting the endless barrage of blue language that was on the increase in the high-ceilinged barroom, which is popular with residents of Bolton Hill and Reservoir Hill and nearby Maryland Institute College of Art students.

“I thought we needed a little civility around here,” said Carback, who came up with the idea of the cuss bucket, which is actually a large plastic pretzel jar with a sign taped to it: “Mount Royal Tavern Cuss Bucket. 25 cents a cuss.”

But while customers pay 25 cents a word, bartenders pay a stiff tariff of a dollar per profanity.

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