As the Earth Rocked, Ceiling Tiles Fell at Local Target

Tuesday afternoon’s earthquake caused mild damage to the national retailer on Campbell Boulevard.

By Emily Kimball (Essex-MiddleRiverPatch, 8/23/2011)

As the ground began rocking, more than a dozen ceiling tiles fell from inside the White Marsh Target on Campbell Boulevard.

While it rattled some customers, no one was injured, said store manager Chris Walker.

“We immediately roped off the area and started cleaning up,” Walker said. “People handled it pretty well.”

Today was his first day on the job, he said.

“I had combat training in the Army, so I wasn’t too freaked out,” Walker added.

Katie Aschliman was shopping for school supplies at the Target with her son when the earthquake struck.

Aschliman said the quake was unexpected, but didn’t disrupt her shopping.

“We still got all of our stuff done,” she said.

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