WBAL-TV stands behind Sandusky report on Flanagan and reasons for suicide

But police investigation offers different explanation for Flanagan’s act

Gerry Sandusky (Photo: KeithAlllisonPhoto.com)

By David Zurawik (The Baltimore Sun, 8/25/2011)

WBAL-TV is standing behind its Wednesday-night report by sportscaster Gerry Sandusky linking the suicide of former Baltimore Orioles pitcher and executive Mike Flanagan to him being “despondent” over being perceived as having failed the team and fans during his time in the O’s front office.

But police investigators Thursday unequivocally attributed Flanagan’s action to “financial difficulties.” That attribution, police said, is based on an interview with Flanagan’s widow, Alex. There was no suicide note.

Michelle Butt, news director for Channel 11, said Thursday that “multiple sources” told Sandusky Wednesday night that Flanagan had been “depressed since his departure from the Orioles.”

According to Butt, the sources allegedly also said that Flanagan “was depressed at how the community perceived how he had done his job” with the Orioles. As Flanagan allegedly saw it, “Some felt he had let down this community that he really cared about.”

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