Yoga Pants Not Banned at Eastern Tech

Students sounded their outrage on Twitter after the principal announced yoga pants were inappropriate for school.

By Ron Snyder (Essex Patch, 2/22/2012)

A misunderstanding over the school’s dress code led to outrage from many Eastern Technical High School students last week.

In response to several dress code violations by students, mainly girls, administrators made an announcement on Feb. 16 about what is considered inappropriate clothing at the Essex school.

Among the items students were initially told were not allowed were yoga pants, Principal Tom Evans said. The flexible pants are popular among females and are being worn more and more for uses other than yoga and exercise.

This initial announcement caused many students to become upset, and Evans said, set off a “Twitter storm” of angry responses. By the end of the day, the dress code issue was clarified and students were told they were still allowed to wear yoga pants.

“Don’t believe everything you read on Twitter,” Evans said. “We have concerns about tight and form-fitting pants, but yoga pants are allowed at Eastern Tech. It was all just a big misunderstanding.”

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