Full Video (with Audio) of Batman getting pulled over by Police

Montgomery County Police:

“You can send me Robin if you wish.”

“How long does it take to put that outfit on?”

“What is your name other than Batman?”

“We thought we had a Gotham moment there.”

“And the Bat Signal summons him and he’s on his way.”

“Batman! Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da…”

FLASHBACK: Police Help Batman with Flat Tire on Halloween

(By Beth Parker, Myfoxdc, 11/2/2011)

HOWARD COUNTY, Md. – Halloween can be a spooky time. Strange things happen. Sometimes it gets so strange that even a super hero needs some help.

An operator at Howard County’s 911 center picked up a call around noon Monday. The call is from a motorist traveling on Route 29. The caller describes a car broken down on the southbound side of Route 29.

“He’s in the left lane. He’s in a Lamborghini. He is dressed in a Batman costume,” said the caller.

That’s right. Batman with a flat tire in his $200,000 Lamborghini. Two Howard County crime fighters, a.k.a. police helped get the Batmobile off the road. It turned out the high-end car eventually had to be towed.

This masked driver was not heading down Route 29 because he was returning to the Batcave. In fact, he was all dressed up because he was headed to visit sick children at a hospital to help them celebrate Halloween.

A friend gave Batman a ride, so he made it to his destination. He is a super hero after all.

Read more and listen to 911 call: http://www.myfoxdc.com

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