Zagé International Orioles Stickers

By Zagé International

“So I made some stickers. If you don’t know, they’re a drawing I did of the Baltimore Orioles “Cartoon Bird” logo. There around 5”x5” but its really hard to tell because of their obscure shape. I think they’re cool. If you do too and want one, you can buy one for $3. All proceeds go to me….because I paid for em. Just email me. ( But if you don’t like them, the Orioles, Baltimore, or me, then take a hike. What were you doing here anyway?”

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One Response to Zagé International Orioles Stickers

  1. Zachary says:

    I just Wanted to let you know, I am a Baltimore fan, and will be for life. I’v lived in Edgewood Maryland and Aberdeen, but now i am living in Vermont and i found one of these stickers in a bin at the 802 shop.

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