Illinois Couple Picks Up John Waters Hitchhiking

Salem Couple Spends Day With Movie Director John Waters After Picking Him Up As A Hitchhiker

(WJBD Radio, 5/21/2012)

Circuit Judge Mike McHaney (left) and his wife Laura Broviac (right) with their famous hitchhiker John Waters picked up while on the way to their vacation destination in Colorado. The person who took the picture questioned why Broviac wanted a picture with a homeless man they picked up on the highway.

Marion County Democratic Party Chair Laura Broviac and Circuit Judge Michael McHaney were preparing for a long boring ride across Kansas as they began their vacation trip. But it became much more exciting after they picked up a hitchhiker. Not just any hitchhiker, but movie director John Waters.

Broviac thought the man standing near the exit ramp in Junction City, Kansas looked like Waters. When she got internet service a few miles away, she decided to look him up and discovered Waters was hitchhiking across the country. Broviac made her husband turn around and backtrack the eight miles to pick him up. Waters was still thumbing a ride and stayed with the Salem couple across Kansas all the way to Denver, Colorado.

“Probably a little over eight hours of listening to stories from everyone from Liz Taylor to Lana Turner to Kathleen Turner. He had stories about Faye Dunaway and he talked about his most major accomplishment of selling out the Sydney, Australia Opera House while working as a stand up comedian,” said Broviac. “Of course his type of work isn’t for everyone, but chances are you’ve seen Hair Spray or seen the Simpson’s and maybe the episode he narrated.”

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