John Waters’ Hitchhiking Companion Brett Bidle Tells More

Brett Bidle, a Frederick County town councilman and tea party supporter, has a grand adventure

By Chris Kaltenbach (The Baltimore Sun, 6/8/2012)

Meet Brett Bidle, Frederick County town councilman, tea party supporter, devout Methodist and John Waters’ new BFF.

That old saying about politics making strange bedfellows? Apparently, politics has nothing on hitchhiking. Back in mid-May, Bidle, a 20-year-old college student and first-term member of the Myersville town council, picked up a guy on the side of the road. It was Waters, Baltimore’s most unregenerate bad boy, the movie director who’s given sleaze a good name.

Turns out Waters — who declined to be interviewed for this story — was hitchhiking cross-country, with plans to write a book about his experiences. Bidle, who didn’t believe it was Waters at first and knew hardly anything about him anyway, ended up driving him to Ohio.

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