Hard-core Nostalgia: R. H. Gardner Remembers Old Baltimore

By Peter Kumpa (The Baltimore Sun, 12/12/1990)

There was once a Baltimore where one could walk the streets without worrying about getting mugged, where one traveled by street car, when real people lived in the city and those in Glen Burnie or Cockeysville were farmers; when one could drop down to The Block for a couple of beers to leer at a young Blaze Starr or guffaw at Battleship Maggie without worrying about one’s moral fitness.

R. H. Gardner, once the theater critic for The Baltimore Sun, brings back those days of civility in a 233-page book of memoirs. It is written with his well-remembered clarity and easily digestible prose, rising to elegance when it’s required. For anyone who cares about Baltimore’s past, Gardner’s book will be a treat. For anyone with a glimmer of curiosity, Gardner rewards with dozens of vignettes about his town in his youth. His long overdue work is called simply, “Those Years: Recollections of a Baltimore Newspaperman.”

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  2. cindy brown says:

    Please help me find some information on my father’s dry cleaners. Was where the jewel box is noe was called Ben tones. Mid 60s thanks

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