Kathleen Kotcher, Shocked and Amazed!, 1970 – 2012

More Power Than She Knew

By James Taylor (Shocked and Amazed!, 6/24/2012)

There comes a time in every writer’s career when, regardless what others tell you about what you do, you have to face what you can do, what you want to do, what you find nearly impossible to do, what’s almost too painful to do, what you never expected to have to do. And this is that time. This past Saturday morning, June 23, I got a call from Brighton, England, from Ivan Kotcher that his wife, Kathleen, co-creator of Shocked and Amazed!, had died in her sleep that morning. She was 41.

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  • Wonder Woman: Magazine editor Kathleen Kotcher documents the amazing! stupendous! incredible! oral history of American sideshow — Washington City Paper

Kathleen Kotcher, Muscle Beach, Venice, California, 2002.

Zamora the Torture King, Kathleen Kotcher, Tyler Fyre, Jill Fleet, James Taylor and James Mundie.

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One Response to Kathleen Kotcher, Shocked and Amazed!, 1970 – 2012

  1. Jeff Cody says:

    She was a wonderfully inspiring young woman and a kind heart. My thoughts, prayers, and meditations go out to Kathleen and her family. jcody

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