The Illegal Dirt Bike Gangs of Baltimore

By Jamie Clifton (Vice, 7/3/2012)

Photo by Lotfy Nathan, Vice

There is something undeniably American about biker gangs, from the quintessential images ingrained in our mind of the 60s-era Hell’s Angels made legendary by the writing of Hunter S. Thompson and The Rolling Stone’s film Gimme Shelter to DMX’s video for the “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” where he had all those dudes in baggie jeans riding through the ghettos of New York on ATVs and suicycles.

It’s time to add one more motorist collective to that pantheon of rebels on wheels: Baltimore’s Twelve O’Clock Boyz. They’re a hundred-strong gang who wheely dirt bikes through a city where police are banned from chasing them, creating an illegal underground sport that the cops are powerless to do anything about.

For the last three years, filmmaker Lotfy Nathan has been documenting the Twelve O’Clock Boyz for a new film called Twelve O’Clock in Baltimore (trailer below), which is now ready for release at the end of this year.

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2 Responses to The Illegal Dirt Bike Gangs of Baltimore

  1. Hollis Hardin says:

    I dont see what the problem with people riding with their buddies on dirt bikes Its better than doing drugs all the time

  2. Hollis Hardin says:

    I ride my dirt bike all the time

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