Fells Point Man Faked Seizures to Scam Restaurants

Police issue alert about seizure-faking scammer at restaurants
Andrew Palmer, 45, recently released from prison, according to police alerts

By Richard Gorelick (The Baltimore Sun, 8/3/2012)

…Palmer’s scam worked like this, according to previous reporting from The Baltimore Sun: Palmer would go into a restaurant, sit at the bar and order up dinner and drinks, plenty of them. On a typical visit, he’d eventually appear to be on the verge of falling asleep on his stool. Just before the check was delivered, though, he’d go off the men’s room, where he passed out on the floor. The act varied – sometimes, he’d pass out in the middle of the dining room, and he’d sometimes throw in seizure-like symptoms.

Unable to rouse him, the restaurant staff would call 911, and the scammer was limoed off by paramedics to the nearest emergency room. From there, depending on whether the restaurant was pressing charges, Palmer either quietly absconded or was arrested by the police.

This went on for years and years.

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