Things Are Lookin’ Scary at a Baltimore County Pet Cemetery

A grave stone in Oakleigh Pet Cemetery reads “Bobby The Wonder Monkey 1938-1963.” (Kim Hairston, Baltimore Sun)

Balto. Co. pet cemetery poses challenge for neighbors, officials
County councilman plans legislation to limit development, protect pet owners’ rights

By Alison Knezevich (The Baltimore Sun, 8/13/2012)

At the Oakleigh Pet Cemetery in Parkville, Bobby the Wonder Monkey’s tombstone is hidden in ivy. Weeds surround the grave of Monsetta, remembered as “Our only girl.” And on Snookie’s stone marker, the epitaph “Until the end our faithful pal” is barely visible behind the brush.

The owner of the 2.5-acre cemetery near Loch Raven Boulevard says he is trying to clean up, but he has racked up nearly $30,000 in unpaid county fines and fees for persistent problems such as overgrown vegetation, junk scattered on the grounds and broken windows. Neighbors also say the property is a hot spot for teen troublemakers.

Discarded grave ornaments lie on a pile of leaves near the graves of Buck Shot Watts” and “Suzie” in the untended Oakleigh Pet Cemetery. (Kim Hairston, Baltimore Sun)

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