“BULLSHIT!” — Ravens Fans’ Prime Time “Manure” Chant

“That’s the loudest manure chant I’ve ever heard” — Al Michaels.

NBC may be in hot water with the FCC … after the network aired a seemingly never-ending, crystal-clear “bullsh*t” chant that erupted in the stadium during the Ravens vs. Patriots game on “Sunday Night Football.”

In case you were watching the Emmys last night … things got pretty insane during last night’s prime time NFL matchup … when the crowd in Baltimore was convinced the replacement refs blew another call and unleashed the most perfectly executed “BS” chant we’ve ever heard.

Even announcer Al Michaels commented, “It’s the loudest manure chant I’ve ever heard.”

The FCC often declines to punish networks when a “fleeting expletive” makes it to air during a live sporting event … and it’s unclear if they’re even legally allowed to do so. But since this “BS” chant was so clear and went on for several minutes, it’s possible the FCC could drop the hammer on NBC for failing to cut the sound out of the broadcast.

Continue reading “NBC Airs ‘Bullsh*t’ Chant on Live TV” at TMZ.


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