Seagull Craps on Orioles Relief Pitcher’s Cap

Real bird relieves self on cap of Orioles reliever Tommy Hunter

By David Brown (Yahoo Sports Big League Stew, 9/19/2012)

Orioles Magic takes many forms. An unbelievable winning streak in extra innings. A black and orange wrestling mask disguising the true identity of a pudgy superfan called Carne Cabeza. The return of Lew Ford. Batman getting banned from Camden Yards. A team with a payroll 60 percent as large as the New York Yankees still being neck-and-neck with them in the standings in late September.

And, in the Pacific Northwest during the early Wednesday morning hours, a Safeco Park seagull going No. 2 on the cap of Baltimore pitcher Tommy Hunter during the Orioles’ 4-2 victory in 18 innings against the Mariners. Baltimore improved to 14-2 in extras and moved into a virtual first-place tie in the AL East.

As for the bird-on-bird defacing in Baltimore’s bullpen (birdpen?), that’s the straight poop. And good luck, as reporter Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun posts via Sulia:

“I was minding my own business, not doing anything. I thought it was (reliever Luis) Ayala throwing stuff at me. You know, he usually does. So I didn’t know what it was,” Hunter said. “I just thought someone threw a piece of gum and hit me. It wasn’t a piece of gum, man. Everybody just started dying laughing. Then everybody said it was good luck. Then we won. … I was getting ready to go warm up and it went (plop) and I looked at it and everyone started laughing. I had bird (droppings) on my head.” He won the game while wearing the soiled hat.

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