Zippy the Pinhead: “Formative Moment”

Zippy the Pinhead: “Formative Moment” (click to enlarge)

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  1. John Sherwood says:

    I am your cousin, Jack (Sczerbicki) Sherwood. My father, Dr. John V., delivered you. You might also remember bro Ron. I have been a classic film fan for 60 years. Check out my (critically-acclaimed) book, “Maryland’s Vanishing Lives,” published 1994 byJHU Press. First (hardcover) edition sold out; second (paperback) still in print. Your local library can locate a copy.
    I hope Clara and George are doing well. I last saw them 13 years ago, at my wife’s funeral. Do they “do” email etc.
    My middle son, Eric, is also an avid “fan.”

    Regards, Jack
    (410) 353-5567

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