A Baltimorean Christmas with John Waters

An oldie but goodie from the Baltimore Or Less Christmas archives. Happy Holidays!

By Roger Ebert, 12/7/2010

The notion of a Christmas Show by John Waters is somehow alarming, as if the Big Bad Wolf had decided to perform as the Easter Bunny. Waters has made a career of cheerfully exploiting the transgressive and offensive. When he appears at the Harris Theater at 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 14, he promises to discuss such questions as whether Santa Claus is erotic, whether it’s a gay holiday, and why stars on Christmas tours always seemed to go crazy onstage when they get to Baltimore.

“My vaudeville show,” he calls his performance: “I’m always hoping that my career can end in Baltimore so I can have a nervous Christmas breakdown on stage in the tradition of Judy Garland.”

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One Response to A Baltimorean Christmas with John Waters

  1. Ted Hazen says:

    There is no one who represents the spirit of Christmas more than John Waters. He is father Christmas. He wants everyone to get a long together, and to be treated fairly.

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