“Crabs for Christmas” Music Video

Once upon a time Maryland Public Television was a fountain of creativity that focused on original programming instead of non-stop pledge programming based around self-help gurus… Merry Xmas to us.

“David DeBoy’s classic Balmmer song was the big finish to the Christmas 1984 episode of CRABS, the live comedy series produced at Md Public TV from 1984-1991. This piece features David and the entire cast, and includes credits.”

David DeBoy celebrates 30 years of ‘Crabs for Christmas’

In 1981, musician combined Baltimore’s love of Christmas and crustaceans into a song that’s become a holiday staple

By Chris Kaltenbach (The Baltimore Sun, 11/25/2011)

crabsCDCrabs for Christmas? Yes, please.

For three decades, David DeBoy has been singing his sad tale of an expatriate Baltimorean stuck in Houston on Christmas Eve, sadly lamenting to Santa that the only present he really wants is a big bucket of steamed crustaceans. That’s a sentiment any local resident should be able to appreciate, and it’s made the singer-songwriter responsible for “Crabs for Christmas” something of a hometown hero.

“I’m just so incredibly touched that people like it as much as they do, that they sing it as much as they do,” says DeBoy, who is celebrating the song’s 30th anniversary with a new CD featuring his signature song and an 12 similarly Baltimore-centric tunes. “How many people get a chance to touch people like that?”

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“Oh, I want crabs for Christmas
Oh, only crabs will do
Oh, ho, with crabs for Christmas
My Christmas wish’ll come true.”


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  1. Wanda says:

    Is there any place you can buy DVD’s of the CRABS episodes?
    They are STILL classic, we find ourselves quoting them…

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