John Waters – Bad Santa

An oldie but goodie from the Baltimore Or Less Christmas archives. Happy Holidays!

John Russell, Next Magazine

Next Magazine (12/2009)

Christmas may not be the first thing you associate with the man who directed Pink Flamingos and Polyester (a chubby Ricki Lake doing the Twist or Divine’s infamous dog poo dinner are more likely to spring to mind), but John Waters points out he’s been in the Holiday buisness forever. “I always say, if [I’m] not working at Christmas [I’m] in trouble!”

Let’s look at the evidence: The Pope of Trash devoted an entire chapter in one of his books to why he loves Christmas, admitting that he begins fretting in July that there are only 146 shopping days left. In 2004, he released A John Waters Christmas, a collection of bizarre and campy holiday songs handpicked by Waters himself. And, of course, there are his legendary Christmas cards. One year Waters sent out a glass ornament with a plastic cockroach inside, which fetched for around $75 on eBay.

“It was very collectible!” he exclaims, adding, “If I ever find out who sells my Christmas card, they never get one again.”

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