Corpse Courier

When the time comes, Emily Wyatt brings the dead to the next stage on their journey


Photo by J.M. Giordano, Baltimore City Paper

By J.M. Giordano (1/2/2013)

Emily Wyatt lives for the dead. The Remington resident will pull up to your house in her nondescript silver van and quietly take your expired loved ones to the next stop on their journey.

“I love my job,” says Wyatt while sitting at a café, surrounded by the living and breathing. “I seriously like working with the dead.”

Wyatt is a funeral service employee for a firm outside of Baltimore. When someone dies, the funeral home calls a company like Wyatt’s to come and collect what’s left.

“To my knowledge, I don’t actually have an official job title,” she says. “My grandmother came up with ‘corpse courier,’ which I’m fond of. I like to think of Charon [the ferryman for the dead in Greek mythology], although no one has ever actually gotten that reference.”

Though it’s definitely not in her job description, Wyatt is something like a cab driver for the dead. Most of her day is spent waiting.

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