Hampden’s “Improved Order of Red Men” at Mayor’s Christmas Parade (1983)

Lou Catelli uncovered this treasure trove of Hampden’s Red Men participating in the Mayor’s Annual Christmas Parade in the early 80s.

Redmen-Lou Catelli-04

Redmen-Lou Catelli-07

Redmen-Lou Catelli-02

Redmen-Lou Catelli-06

Redmen-Lou Catelli-09

Redmen-Lou Catelli-03

Redmen-Lou Catelli-01

Redmen-Lou Catelli-05

Redmen-Lou Catelli-08

‘Red Men’ selling longtime lodge in Hampden

By Larry Perl (Baltimore Sun, 3/5/2013)

In 1893, a group of Baltimore patriots joined the Improved Order of Red Men and began meeting in Hampden Hall on what is now The Avenue. Adopting the democratic ideals, customs and costumes of American Indians, as well as the Red Men motto, “Freedom, Friendship and Charity,” they were chartered as Tecumseh Tribe No. 108 of the national fraternal organization.

By 1922, their little social club had grown to more than 100 members and built its own lodge in the 3800 block of Hickory Avenue. As recently as its 100th anniversary in 1993, membership was 350.

Now, the 120-year-old tribe, the last in Baltimore, is selling its building and leaving Hampden.

Continue reading ‘Red Men’ selling longtime lodge in Hampden at The Baltimore Sun.

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